With three different series of hot tubs you are sure to find the right tub and price point to make your relaxation dreams come true.
Explore our many models then come in for personalized assistance to choose the right series and model for you.


 Classic Series

Built on our proven platform consisting of a steel frame for support, a poly ethylene capped bottom for protection and layered ROXUL panels for superior insulation. Each model features a multi-colour safety and mood light, and Perimeter LED lighting. Models with a waterfall feature will enjoy LED illumination of the cascading water. Optional features include a 5.0SPL pump upgrade (670 S,770 S & 780 S), factory installed Ozonator, MP3 audio system, WiFi module, Trident UV system and low energy consumption circulation pump.

 Inspiration Series

Built on the same quality platform as our Signature Series (steel frame, poly ethylene capped bottom and ROXUL insulation), but with more standard features. We've added a bluetooth MP3 audio system and LED illumination on select jets on all SunLite models, except the S102 which features a standard MP3 audio system and Perimeter LED lighting instead. All models have an LED illuminated waterfall. Optional features include a 5.0SPL pump upgrade (S102L only), factory installed Ozonator and WiFi module. The S103L, S104L, S105L and S106L can also optionally come with a Trident UV system, low energy consumption circulation pump and MicroSilk hydrotherapy.