How To Correctly Measure For a Replacement Hot Tub Cover

The following 5 tips on how to correctly measure your hot tub will ensure that you

receive a hot tub cover that fits:

Measurements should be taken from the hot tub first and not the old cover as

the old cover may have warped or shrunk. If the old cover still fits, you can take the measurements to use for verification purposes. However, remember to measure both

the hot tub and the old cover TWICE! If the measurements between the hot tub and the old cover differ at all, it is advised to use the measurements from the hot tub itself.

When taking the length and width measurements, ensure you provide them to us in inches, rounding up to the nearest inch. When measuring it is always better to be a little over then under. A half inch over in length will not make much of a difference,the cover will still fit. However, a half inch too short, the cover will not fit.

Include the overall length and width of the hot tub when providing your measurements

as your new cover will be custom made according to the information YOU provide.

We ensure that the cover that is manufactured will fit your hot tub properly, but only IF we have the correct dimensions.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call Us at 


Please Note: a 50% deposit is required on all hot tub cover orders.


 For this particular shape we will require all of the measurements shown. Measure from outside edge to outside edge.

A: Width or Hinge length-distance from one side of the seam to the other.

B: Length-distance from one side of the spa to the other

"It is better to be slightly too big than too small"


How To Measure A Radius Corner:

You will need two rulers or a tape measure(a framing square is a great tool to use)Place them at a 90 degree angle on the OUTSIDE edge of the corner with the "0's" together. You will measure from the 0" mark to the breaking point(where the corner starts to curve)From the 0" mark to the breaking point is the size of your corner radius




How To Measure Skirt Length:

We will also need to know what length of skirt you need. If you have an older tub with a bump rail, measure from top of tub down the side, to the top of the bump rail.


Once you have completed and recorded all your correct measurements, come into the store at 50 Goebel Ave in Cambridge, fill out your order form, pay the required deposit and your cover will be ordered and in house in 2-3 weeks.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call our helpful staff and we will gladly assist you.  519-220-0996