Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist!

Start Up:

Fill hot tub using a garden hose, 1/2 hard water & 1/2 soft water is ideal.  
If 100% hard water is being used add 3-4 capfuls of a stain control product to the cold water 
for protection against staining and scale formation.

Test water for PH levels, adjust PH to ideal level of 7.0 on your test strips.  
The PH will initially be 7.8 - 8.2 on a fresh fill add 3 capfuls of 
*Dazzle PH- (minus) for every colour square that is high.  
Usually 6-8 capfuls of PH- (minus) in the Waterloo Tri City area is sufficient. 

Add 1 full bottle of *Eco One Monthly this is your water conditioner.

Apply chlorine or bromine to establish sanitizer residual.  
Use 2 capfuls of *Dazzle Stabilized Chlorine or Bromine Granules 
to initially establish the residual. (Not both, it's one or the other).

For best results shock the water after every use or at least every 2nd or 3rd day. 
Apply with the pump running, leave cover off for at least 15 minutes after application.

If you have a puck style mini-tab for either *Dazzle Chlorine or Bromine 
you can add this in the water down in the filter area 
or 1-2 tablets in a chemical puck dispenser.  

Do not use more than 1-2 *Dazzle Chlorine or Bromine tablets weekly 
as this puts too much chemical residual in the hot tub and is a waste of product and money.

As Required:

Test PH level with test strips, the PH level should be maintained at 6-8 - 7.0 for best results. 
 Add 1 capful of *Dazzle Chlorine or Bromine 
granules after every use or every 3 days if not used.  
If the PH is high or low adjust accordingly.  
Again the typical rule of thumb is 3 capfuls of 
*Dazzle PH- (minus) or + (plus) for every colour block low or high.


In hard water areas for added protection against staining and scale formation, add regular weekly dosage of 3 capfulls of *Dazzle Stain and Scale, apply directly to water with pump operating.

Test PH and adjust as needed to maintain desired level of 6.8 - 7.0.

Shock water with *Dazzle Chlorine or Bromine Granules 
(2 -3 capfuls per 1,000 litres of water) by broadcasting over water surface.  
Allow water to circulate for at least 15 minutes and leave cover off for minimum of 1 hour. 
Wait 15 minutes before proceeding with next step.  

NOTE:  heavy bather load may require more frequent applications.

Clean water line with *Eco One Shell and Surface Cleaner as needed.  

Clean filters as need with a garden hose and spray nozzle.

If at any time the water foams, add *Dazzle De-foamer sparingly to eliminate.


Add 1/2 bottle of *Eco One Monthly for a basic 5-6 ft hot tub, 
add 1 full bottle of *Eco One Monthly for larger 7-8 ft hot tubs.

Remove filter and let soak for a few hours in 
*Eco One Filter Cleanser, rinse off with garden hose and let air dry.


Drain hot tub every 3 months, whether used or not.

When hot tub is drained scrub with a spa sponge and clean surfaces with *Eco One Shell Cleaner.

Clean filters with *Eco One Filter Cleanser.

Clean cover with *Eco One Spa Cover Cleaner.

Refill and go to Start Up procedure.


Big events or heavy usage super shock your hot tub with *Dazzle Chlorine or Bromine granules.

*Dazzle Nature Sheen (clarifier) and *Dazzle Defoamer to quick remedy cloudy water.

* Eco One Products and Dazzle Products are available in store, 
please go to our Watercare Page to learn more about these great products.