STABILIZED CHLORINE: Available in granular or tablet form. A fast dissolving sanitizer.It is effective in keeping hot tub water safe by killing germs & micro-organisms.Use a primary sanitizer or boost.

BROMINE: Available in granular or tablet form. A fast dissolving sanitizer. It is also effective in keeping hot tub water safe by killing germs & micro-organisms.

BALANCE pH- : Safely lowers pH and Total Alkalinity. Use when your pH level is greater then 7.0 on the pH scale.

BALANCE pH+ : Safely increases pH level in hot tub water. Use when your pH is lower then 6.8 on your test strips to get back to a comfortable bathing level.

STAIN & SCALE 1 : A cold water application to prevent stains and scale on a fresh tub fill. Tap water is often unbalanced and may contain metals and rust deposits.

STAIN & SCALE 2 : An ongoing, weekly maintenance to protect against the risk of stain and scale formation. All natural formulation-- non-toxic,biodegradable.

BALANCE TA+ : Raises Total Alkalinity of hot tub water. Use when TA is under 30 ppm on your test strips.

PERFORMANCE PLUS: A product to enhance hot tub ownership. Makes the water feel soft and silky for a more comfortable, relaxed experience. Improves water clarity,reduces the risk of scale formation. Improves the efficiency of other products including sanitizers. A soft, pleasant fragrance.

NATURE SHEEN: An all natural, powerful, concentrated clarifier. An effective problem solver for cloudy water.

DEFOAMER: Effectively suppresses foam in hot tubs. A highly concentrated formula that works immediately. Use as required. A little goes a long way, do NOT overdose.

PHOS CLEANSE: Effectively removes phosphates. Reduces the risk of scale formation, biofilm contamination and gives you cleaner,clearer water. Simply filter phosphates away. Non-toxic.

AMAZE & AMAZE PLUS : A shock treatment for hot tubs. Works fast- less then an hour. Reduces non-filterable wastes; organics, ammonia and nitrogen.

BOTANICAL CLEANSE: Part two of a highly effective method of 'deep cleansing' water and surfaces. Works with Amaze/Amaze Plus to make water dazzling clear and comfortable. All natural blend of concentrated enzymes, nature's way of biodegrading organics and common bather wastes.