At any one given time we have upwards of 20-25 previously owned hot tubs.  The prices range from $1800.00 - $4000.00 depending on size, how many jets, pumps, controllers, lights and stereo's are in each hot tub.  Once a hot tub has been chosen by you, the customer, the rebuilding process begins:

Step #1   Remove all old pump equipment;
Step #2   Rebuild the equipment area using new pumps, controllers, keypads;
Step #3   Remove clean and install new jets and o-rings where applicable;
Step #4   Refill hot tub and test to make sure the hot tub works and functions properly over
               3 days of testing;
Step #5   Insulate the hot tub with spray foam and make sure it is efficient as possible;
Step #6   Restore outside skirt/cabinet back to new and administer a stain (your choice of colour)
               on either the wood or resin skirt/cabinet;
Step #7   Enclose the bottom completely so there is no water or pest infestation, they now are 
               completely sealed.

Once the hot tub is finished the price includes:
        • Set of steps
        • Cover (your choice of colour)
        • Cover Lifter
        • Chemical Starter Kit
        • Delivery
        • Set Up in your backyard, deck or patio area
        • Show n' Tell
        • Each hot tub comes with a 1 year (in house) full parts/labour WARRANTY!
The typical cost of your new refurbished hot tub is 1/2 the price of a comparable new hot tub.

visit our "youtube" page for a Video of your new tub

Below are some before, during and after pictures of one of our refurbished hot tubs….Enjoy!!!

***Note click on picture to get expanded views***