Inspiration Series

  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • PE Capped Bottom
  • Manifold Plumbing System
  • Triple Seal Protection
  • Polysteel Cabinetry
  • Layered ROXUL® Insulation

Interior Acrylic Colours

Exterior Cabinet Colours


The S101L is a 115V/220V          *5 PERSON HOTTUB

convertible hot tub powered       *86"X 74"X 36"

by 4.5 Dual speed jet pump.        *30 Two toned jets

With seating for up to 5 bathers  *281 gallons water

provides sublime comfort in a       capacity/1064 Litres

smaller structured model for

those smaller spaces.




The S102L is a 115V/220V convertible hot tub powered by a 4.5HPR dual speed jet pump. With seating for up to 6 bathers, standard LED perimeter light. Optional *Bluetooth audio system. The S102L model is a great choice for a spa that you can get up and running quickly, meaning you can enjoy your hot tub experience sooner!

  • 6 person hot tub
  • 79" x 79" x 36"
  • 30 Two Tone Plastic Jets
  • 293 gallons water capacity/1108 Litres

The S103L is a 6 person hot tub powered by two 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps. The 51 two tone hydrotherapy jets are strategically situated throughout the lounge and bucket seats to provide a soothing massage sensation over your shoulders, back, calves and feet. The Inspiration LED lighting effect illuminates selected jets, with optional   *Bluetooth audio system plays your favourite songs. A combined effect for a pleasing hot tub experience.

  • 6 person hot tub
  • 86" x 86" x 36"
  • 51 Two Tone Stainless Jets
  • 325 gallons water capacity/1231 Litres

The S104L hot tub features 54 two tone stainless hydrotherapy jets powered by two 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps. The bench and bucket seating are ergonomically designed for comfort so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sensation of a hydrotherapy massage. Turn on your Inspiration LED illumination system for a pleasing show of coloured light.

  • 7 person hot tub
  • 86" x 86" x 36"
  • 54 Two Tone Stainless Jets
  • 338 gallons water capacity/1280 Litres

The S105L hot tub features a generous 56 two-tone stainless hydrotherapy jets powered by two 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps. With seating for up to 6 adults, including a lounge, the spacious S105 model is a great spa for backyard entertaining. The LED illumination and the optional *Bluetooth audio system set the mood for a fun afternoon or evening.

  • 6 person hot tub
  • 94" x 94" x 36"
  • 56 Two Tone Stainless Jets
  • 388 gallons water capacity/1470 Litres

The S106L hot tub is one of the new members of the Inspiration Series family. A spacious spa with seating for 7 adults to relax while the 57 hydrotherapy jets, powered by two 5.0SPL dual speed jet pumps, provide a soothing soaking experience. Turn up the tunes with the Optional *Bluetooth audio system, and when evening approaches the S106 does not disappoint with it's select LED illuminated deck lighting

  • 7 person hot tub
  • 94" x 94" x 36"
  • 57 Two Tone Stainless Jets
  • 420 gallons water capacity/1590 Litres