Calcium Deposits/Sandy Grit Feeling:

When you enter your hot tub the surface of the tub has what feels like sandpaper.  

The hot tub may be cloudy and the deposits may be floating on the bottom of the tub.  

DO NOT BE ALARMED as this can be remedied!!!


Process #1

Leave the water in the tub and do the following;

Step 1)  

Lower the PH to 6.8, this will take about 400 grams of a PH reducer, 

PH Minus, Lo & Slo or Ph Down;

Step 2)  

Add 800 mls of Stain Control 1 to the water;

Both of these products will slowly eliminate or soften up the calcium grit on the acrylic surface, in the pipes, inside the motor and on the heater.  This process will take upwards of 3-4 days, the calcium will be redeposited back into the water where the filters can filter out the calcium.  Cleaning of the filter(s) every two days for one week is recommended.


you may use the hot tub during this process.

Process #2

Step 1)  Drain the hot tub. DO NOT wipe it down!!!!

Spray *Logic Minus on the surface of the tub, it acts instantly and dissolves the calcium just like Easy Off  oven cleaner does for your stove.  Leave the residue that drips on the seats and on the footwell or you can shop vac up the liquid and calcium deposits.

Step 2)  Refill your hot tub, lower the PH level to 6.8 - 7.0 and add 1/2 bottle or 400 mls of Stain Control #1 and continue to keep the PH at 6.8 to 7.0 so it won't happen again.

Why this happens:

Calcium deposits or calcium drop out as it is commonly called occurs because the PH is too high (7.2 - 8.0) and a stain control product was not added to the tub.  This is especially prevalent in high calcium hard water areas like Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and surrounding areas.   If you balance your water on a weekly basis and follow the instructions above calcium deposits should never occur!

* Logic Minus is a liquid form of PH minus that is available in store.