Winterizing your hot tub 101.

Drain Hot Tub by:

(A) Quick Drain (best method)

(B) Sump Pump

(C) Gravity Drain that is built into your hot tub( you will have to remove the front access panel)

As the tub is draining,brush the seats with a kitchen broom moving water from the seats to the footwell.

Once tub is empty, open ALL unions on ALL pumps (2 per pump)

Open two unions on heater(2 per heater)

Open all gravity drain valves, there can be up to 3 in a tub.

If your tub has a pressure switch in the heater tube, remove it by threading it out to the left and detach the two small wires on switch

Remove filter cartridge from filter housing whether on suction side or pressure side

PRESSURE SIDE: Using a shop vac, blow out all jets by putting the hose over the jet nozzle and turning on the shop vac..20 seconds per jet should do it.

SUCTION SIDE: Move the hose on the shop vac to the suction side of the Vac and put the hose over every jet until all the water is will be able to feel the water

coming through the hose into the canister of the shop vac.

Vacuum out as much water as you can from the filter area.

Vacuum all water out of throat of pumps if you have access.

Purchase 2, 4L containers of RV Antifreeze and pour a small amount down the throat of the skimmer. Add a small amount in the tops of pumps(if access is available)

 Pour remaining balance of Antifreeze in bottom of foot well.

Install Hot Tub Cover

Tarp the Tub and draw strings tight so no water gets in through the cover seam.

During the winter keep snow load off the cover by brushing with a broom, NOT a shovelTo open in the Spring, reverse the process except for shop vac procedures.

Fill tub leaving the RV Antifreeze in tub. Adjust Ph accordingly.

Also check for leaks at all reinstalled unions etc.