With warm weather comes a unique problem for well insulated hot tubs.  We receive a few complaints that the spa water temperature is higher than the set point on a keypad.  This condition is called "thermal creep" and is caused by a transfer of heat from the circulation pump while it is on during the filtration cycles.

The culprit is the spa's insulation not the heater or the electronic controls.  While very efficient in the winter months there are some spa water guidelines that may have to be maintained during those warm, hot and muggy days.  
Here are some hints:

1.  Set program to Economy Mode (if applicable).

2.  Set the spa filter cycles to run during the cooler evening hours only (if applicable).

3.  Vent the heat off by opening 1/2  of the spa cover (at night time works best).

4.  Prop the cover up with small towels to create a gap between underside of cover before locking.

5.  Leave your air controls open during the summer months.

6.  Shorten the spa cycle to 2 hours or less (if applicable).

7.  Drastic measure only...install more air vents in the cabinet to release more hot air from                       underside of cavity.